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Upcoming Seminar

Deeper Roots: History of Islam
in the Americas

Do you feel like a stranger here

- like you don’t belong?

Our youth feel disconnected, 
disillusioned with “conflicting” identities…
...told time and time againthat you don’t belong.


Our communities self-isolate,
stick to what they know…
...because we’re young,
only a generation or 2 old.


Islam is the “other”,
new to the West…
...African slaves were the exception.


You have DEEPER ROOTS than they want you to know
Discover the story of Islam in America

  • Learn about 9th century navigators and explorers who crossed the Atlantic from Cordoba.
  • Discover inscriptions of African tribes in the Americas before Columbus.
  • Compare indigenous languages and practices to West African Muslims.
  • See how Columbus used Muslim technology, maps, and expertise to cross the Atlantic.
  • Know the names of African slaves who preserved Islam and Quran in their hearts - many of whom were scholars, Imams, and princes.
  • Learn how Muslim Africans resisted slavery and established free societies in the West Indies.
  • Discover the mysterious people of the Appalachians and their ancestral links to Turkey and North Africa.


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With every AlMaghrib seminar comes an exam. Only students who have paid and attended the seminar in person are eligible to take the exam and receive credit for the seminar. The passing grade for the exams is 70%, unless stated otherwise. 

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