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Desert Rose: The Mekkan Series

Amidst The Darkness Of Arabia, 
The Injustice And Persecution,
One Man Blossomed Against All Odds
In a backwards society that buried its girls, manufactured its own gods, and shed blood over spilled milk…

...there came a series of cataclysmic events ushering in the coming of a Prophet. 

The Makkan phase of the life of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) lays the foundation for the greatest story ever told. 

In it we find lessons of love, hope, pain and loss. In it we learn of faith and resilience through times of transformation and uncertainty. 

In it is the blueprint to living as religious minorities in a wider society. 

The Man We Know as Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) 
Before he was the leader of a nation, he was an orphan, a young worker, a husband and a father. 
  • Learn the origin story of the man who experienced tragedy and inexplicable encounters since birth. 
  • Marvel at the extraordinary character and personality that drew even his enemies nearer. 
  • Journey with the best man to ever walk the Earth as he transforms into the final messenger of God.
The Most Relevant Aspects of Makkan Seerah
Incredibly pertinent lessons are extracted from the Makkan phase of the Seerah. 
  • Living as religious minorities in both just and oppressive societies (Abyssinia vs Makkah).
  • Interacting in secular matters (business, socials, secular education) with non-Muslims members of society. 
  • Pledging and participating in just and social causes with non-Muslim groups.
  • Dealing with non-Muslim family and friends, supportive or otherwise. 
  • Managing your conversion and transition. 
  • Handling tragic loss or enduring intense pain. 
  • Counteracting persecution, hate crimes and hate speech. 
  • Giving Dawah to family, friends, and leaders of society.

Not the Average Seerah Class
Students of Desert Rose will look at every detail of the Makkan Seerah and together as a group extract lessons and wisdoms. 

The beauty of group contemplation is that it utilizes different personalities, disciplines, backgrounds and ways of thinking present in the classroom. 
The product is an incredibly diverse observation unique to each moment it’s taught. 
Here are some examples of lessons to ponder, a fruitful exercise whether you are a beginner or expert of the Seerah:
  • Why didn’t the Prophet ﷺ ask who Jibreel was and how he got inside the cave of Hira?
  • Why did Jibreel squeeze the Prophet ﷺ so hard in the cave?
  • Why didn’t the Prophet ﷺ ever ask Quraish to stop following, harassing and preventing him from speaking to people?
  • Why did the Prophet ﷺ send Mus’ab ibn Umayr to Madina and not Abu Bakr?
  • Why was the house of Al Arqam ibn Abil Arqam chosen as the location of private Da’wah?
  • Why did the Prophet ﷺ tie the Buraq to the post even though he knew it wouldn’t run away?
  • What are the wisdoms behind choosing Taif for Da’wah?
  • Why did the Prophet ﷺ walk to Taif instead of ride, and why did he only take Zaid ibn Haritha along?

Your New Approach to Studying Seerah
Whether you are a beginner or expert of the Seerah, you will encounter a transformation by the end of the weekend, insha Allah. 
Here is how you’ll benefit:
  • Know your beloved Prophet (ﷺ) at a deeper, more intimate level.
  • Learn the skill of extracting lessons and wisdoms on your own.
  • Build the foundation of early sources of Seerah and their authors.
  • Be familiar with contemporary Seerah books, their strengths, weaknesses and critiques. 
  • Appreciate the sheer depth of the Seerah. 
  • Refute and respond to attacks on validity, relevance and practicality of the Seerah.
  • Develop confidence in studying Seerah deeper on your own without heavy reliance on anyone else’s analyses or interpretations. 

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