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Once Upon The Nile

Suppose this happened to you…
How would you survive?


First words that often come to mind have to do with strength or prophethood.

Look closer. You’ll start to see something else…

Vulnerability, fear, ethical dilemma… and a kaleidoscope of characters.

What would it take to… your newborn in a basket and watch the river whisk it away.

...speak truth to power and stand up for people’s rights.

...repent and forgive yourself for old mistakes and indiscretions.

...rely upon Allah when all doors seem closed shut.

This is a seminar about facing your own Pharaohs…

...and finding the strength to split our own seas.

It relives the Epic of Musa in the 21st century as it pertains to YOUR life.

Why else would it be the most repeated in the Quran?

The Book of Allah is timeless, and nothing in it is without purpose.

So why is Musa’s narrative dispersed throughout the Quran…

...sometimes repeated with subtle differences?

It’s so frequent, that some scholars were known to have said…

“The Quran could have been entirely for Musa.”

The story is meant for YOU!

Demanding your attention, the story of Musa speaks to ONE person…

Unlock the deeper levels of Quranic storytelling.

Come closer to the words of Allah… you can appreciate its stories at a more profound level.

This seminar analyzes each piece of the puzzle and how it all fits together… you can enrich your engagement with Quran.

It isn’t just about Musa

This treasure chest has a FULL cast of personalities… you can find yourself somewhere in this story as you relive it from diverse perspectives and motivations:

  • The most influential women of his life: his mother, adopted mother, sister, and wife

  • Strength and resolve of Asiya, the Pharaoh’s wife

  • Secretly believing servants in Pharaoh’s palace

  • Harun sharing prophethood with his brother

  • Ruling class with an Israelite raised in their palace

  • Egyptians witnessing the miracles of Musa

  • Bani Isra’il: their experience through slavery, salvation, and after the death of Musa

  • Pharaoh and his allies driven by power and wealth

  • Sorcerers, their test of faith, and tragic persecution

  • Chieftain of Madyan hosting a refugee and giving his daughter in marriage

  • Khidr and Musa’s companion, Yusha bin Nun

The Epic of a Nation

Bani Isra'il were the Chosen People. They witnessed the fall of a great, oppressive civilization and enjoyed endless miracles.

Their story and rich history is evermore relevant today, for us as a Muslim Ummah.

  • How did they arrive in Egypt and how were they enslaved?

  • Why were they the Chosen People?

  • Why does Allah address them so many times in the Quran?

  • Why after witnessing the Miracle of the Nile, did they worship the calf?

  • How did they receive food from Allah and water springs in their name?

  • What is the story of Mount Toor and was it really raised above them?

  • What was their relationship with the Law of Musa and the Torah?

  • What was their lifestyle and education with Musa in the desert?

  • Did they make it to Jerusalem before or after the death of Musa?

  • How did they carry on after the death of Musa?

You have more right to Musa than anyone else…

When the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ asked why the Jews of Madinah were fasting on ‘Ashura, they said…

“It is the day Allah saved Bani Isra’il from their enemies, so Musa fasted on this day.”

And his response ﷺ was…

“We have more right to Musa than you.”

He fasted that day and commanded the Muslims to do the same.

See, your connection to Musa runs deep. He is the one directly responsible for lightening your load in the story of Isra’ wal Mi’raj.

Infuse his epic with yours…

Your redemption. Musa committed manslaughter (he killed someone!). Yet, he still became a prophet.

Your forgiveness. Musa was confident in his repentance even when Pharaoh reminded him of his crime. Forgive yourself.

Your reliance. Time and again, it seemed like it was over for Musa with no way out. Yet, he always turned to Allah with dua and tawakkul.

Your movement. Musa was always moving forward, even as a newborn. He lived an active, contributive life with family, community and da’wah.

This is your epic…

...when you face your own Pharaoh…

...and split your own sea.


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