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A light from one week to the next, and a protection from Dajjal. These are only some of the virtues of simply reciting Sūrat’l-Kahf on Fridays. What about studying, understanding, and implementing its meaning? What is the wisdom of selecting this chapter for our weekly read? Discover the parables and stories relayed to us and their practical life-changing lessons: tests of youth, friendship, faith, wealth, knowledge and power. Discover the greatest trials to come: Gog and Magog, and the Dajjal.

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Qabeelat Tayybah welcomes all from other states and countries. We hope to serve you with the best hospitality and make your stay with us a memorable one!

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With every AlMaghrib seminar comes an exam. Only students who have paid and attended the seminar in person are eligible to take the exam and receive credit for the seminar. The passing grade for the exams is 70%, unless stated otherwise. 

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