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His Majesty:
Unlocking The Names Of Allah

Those who know Allah behave in ways that bewilder others.

Contentment in the face of tragedy. Comfort in time of loneliness. 
Hope when everything falls apart.

It’s like they know something the rest of us don’t.

What does it mean to UNLOCK a Name of Allah?

Accessing Allah through one of His Beautiful Names is to unlock a world of possibilities. It is to begin a 1-on-1 conversation with the One who’s been waiting to hear from you…

...and RESPOND.

  • Come closer to Allah at a personal and intimate level
  • Increase your attachment to your Creator
  • Power your life through an everlasting battery
  • Behave in accordance to His Beautiful Names
  • Recall a Name of Allah in each scenario of your day
  • Seek comfort in the Names of Allah at the face of life challenges
  • Find the strength to overcome your weaknesses and temptations
  • Remove any doubts about the existence or nature of Allah

Traveling to Tayybah?

Qabeelat Tayybah welcomes all from other states and countries. We hope to serve you with the best hospitality and make your stay with us a memorable one!

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With every AlMaghrib seminar comes an exam. Only students who have paid and attended the seminar in person are eligible to take the exam and receive credit for the seminar. The passing grade for the exams is 70%, unless stated otherwise. 

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