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Heavenly Hues: Thematic Tafsir 

You’ve seen the fates of ships that blindly sailed to uncharted seas,

The fates of men, women, children, who ventured into the open, with no bearings of where they were

The fates of even the most hardened explorers, who all but gave up, and simply waited for any soul to sail by such a lonely, cold and miserable island.

---What then of us who walk through the halls of the Dunya, with no purpose, no goal…no direction?

Look at how the Qu’ran was revealed to a man, who sought change, who took the Message bestowed upon him by the Almighty, and who, within a span of 23 years transformed a barren land of ignorance, to a nation illuminated as a 

social, economic, and political force to be reckoned with?

Can we then deny what the Qu’ran can do at the least for us at the individual level?

Join Qabeelat Tayybah for a seminar where you will learn

◦ About TAWHEED and the Concept of God.
◦ About who determines the LAWS that govern your life
◦ About ETHICS and Social Responsibility and how the Qur’an has the potential to completely TRANSFORM your community and the entire world!

Heavenly Hues: Thematic Tafseer will not only allow you to understand the reason for the Qur’an’s revelation, it will pinpoint the most important aspects of this message by analyzing verses based on their overarching themes. You will come away from this seminar understanding the objective of the Qur’an and the role it plays in defining your life.

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With every AlMaghrib seminar comes an exam. Only students who have paid and attended the seminar in person are eligible to take the exam and receive credit for the seminar. The passing grade for the exams is 70%, unless stated otherwise. 

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